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The Canadian Hispanic Congress (CHC) is a national organization established to represent the interests of approximately one million Spanish-speaking people (multiple generations) with family origins in more than twenty different countries, now living in Canada.  The CHC was incorporated federally on August 15th 1983, as a non-profit corporation, and it is run by an all-volunteer board of Directors and expert contributors, focused on matters of importance and interest to the Hispanic Community.

The main objectives of the CHC are to coordinate and help develop the efforts of Hispanic organizations across Canada that work with Hispanic individuals, with the purpose of ensuring the full participation of Hispanics in the economic, political, financial, cultural and social life of Canada.

Our Vision:

To help increase the well-being of all Hispanics in Canada, through their active participation in all aspects of Canadian society.

Our Mission: 

To coordinate, help develop, promote and facilitate the work of organizations that work with the Hispanic community in Canada, actively promoting the interests, rights and aspirations of Hispanics at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, and motivating and influencing their involvement in Canadian society.

Our Values and Culture:
  • We are a non-partisan and apolitical organization, providing relevant advice to various organizations and political entities without expressing specific allegiances or political views.
  • We are not affiliated with any organized denomination or religious group.
  • We are motivated by and support Canadian principles (democracy, openness, pursue of economic advancement, multi-cultural acceptance, environmental responsibility, and other values).
  • We are innovative and support systemic innovation at all levels of our involvements (social, corporate, sporting, scientific, technological, educational, etc.)
  • We combine best practices, principles and values emerging from both cultures to support our work.
  • We actively communicate our outcomes for the benefit of the community at large.
  • We value the wisdom, contributions and experience of older generations, to help us support and engage our Youth, and work to enhance their capabilities, power and future in Canada.
  • There is no personal financial gain for any executives, directors or members of our organization.
  • We strive to be open, factual, transparent, accountable and professional in our dealings.

Our Vision and Mission are enabled by our Values and Culture, allowing us to implement key Programs and Initiatives as part of a well developed Strategy.